First Public Sale of MOS Tokens — Details Announcement

2 min readOct 12, 2021

Mosaico is a technological solution that enables tokenization of not only projects but even entire companies. More information about us you can find in previous article.

Here! We want share with you a detail about first round ICO. Which starts 15 October 2021, the starting time will be announced on the telegram.

In the beginning, thanks and congratulations to everyone and the whole team. In the last post, we said we have collected an amount of 128,000 USD in a private round! The pre-sale round was closed in 4 minutes at the level of 124,000 USD. We are going to the moon!

Distribution of capital and investment rounds:


Now, we enter the public sale for the first time (5 October 2021, the starting time will be announced on the telegram)Tokens priced at $0.013 in a very limited amount of 10.000.000 and their number will be smaller and smaller in each round.

ICO first ROUND Details

Extra Announcement!

If you can’t wait to get some MOS tokens we have something special for you. Take part in our fresh GIVEAWAY to win up to $100 in MOS tokens! $5 is guaranteed so I assure you you won’t waste your time for nothing ;)

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