Token MOS on Kanga Exchange a First Public Sale

5 min readOct 8, 2021

Mosaico is a technological solution that enables tokenization of not only projects but even entire companies.

We used the potential of blockchain technology and combined it with the idea of equity crowdfunding to create the first in Europe, fully technological tokenization platform in Europe operating in the SaaS model (i.e. Software as a Service).

The Mosaico platform allows you to issue tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain and manage the base of investors who purchase tokens and cryptocurrencies. Moreover, it is integrated with the Kanga Exchange, which makes its payment processor and asset portfolio available to issuers and investors. As a result, investing is a quick, simple, and intuitive process.

What differentiates the Mosaico platform?

x Security

To guard the highest security standard for our issuers and investors, Mosaico enables the verification of KYC clients and uses the AML procedure.

x Software in the SaaS model

So far, the organization and conduct of an ICO or STO required the construction of its technological tools, which significantly increased the costs of obtaining money by issuers. Mosaico is software in the SaaS model in the form of a paid subscription, allows issuers to significantly reduce the costs of issuing their tokens. For a few thousand $, we provide solutions worth many times more, so that everyone can raise capital for the implementation and development of their projects.

x Intuitive interface

Investing in Mosaico is an extremely simple process. Investors only need 4 minutes to place an order and create their wallets on the Kanga Exchange.

x Issuer’s panel

Issuers have access to a constantly updated issuer panel. They can find information about their investors and each transaction made by them. Additionally, they have an overview of the statistics on their project.

x Affiliate program

Mosaico offers investors attractive affiliate programs. We have a special panel in which affiliate links are generated. These can then be forwarded to friends of people who have already invested, thereby providing them with additional profits and increasing sales.

Mosaico team

The Mosaico team consists of specialists skilled in the blockchain industry. Among them, there are developers, lawyers, and marketing specialists. They already have over 30 projects prepared for tokenization. They successfully use their know-how by implementing newer and newer functionalities on the Mosaico platform and tokenizing new projects. They are involved in the issue of the MOS token, which is their proprietary project, and already in the first days of its issue, they accumulated $ 250.000 of capital.

MOS token

The MOS token is a utility token and is part of the infrastructure that allows you to benefit from tokenization and decentralized finance. It will become a bridge between the benefits of tokenization and the ease of multiplying capital through DeFi. The value of this token will be determined by the projects in its circulation.

x Proof-of-Stake protocol

Investors can now benefit from having a MOS token by inserting it into the Proof-of-Stake protocol. The MOS token in the PoS protocol earns passively on all projects that have transferred some of their tokens or carry out tokenization on the Mosaico platform and generate passive income regularly. These revenues are split against your holding rate via PoS in USDT stable-coins.

x MOS token wrapping

The MOS token may be wrapped. Wrapping is a cryptocurrency-related value created in another smart-contract protocol. They constitute the basis for the claiming of new tokens from upcoming ICOs on the Mosaico platform. Put simply, investors can exchange wMOS tokens for new project tokens that will be tokenized on Mosaico in the future. At any time, you can get wMOS tokens from wrapping and start earning on them passively in the PoS protocol.

x DeFi

The planned smart contract of the MOS token is DeFi, or Decentralized Finance. It gives unlimited access to financial services, ensures transparency of transactions and reduces the number of intermediaries and the costs of using the products offered. With the help of DeFi, you can perform the same operations as those supported by banks. In the case of the MOS token, loans will be granted by external entities in exchange for a payment cryptocurrency in the technological ecosystem of this token.

An investor with tokens with an already open secondary market will be able to lend to DeFi Mosaico. In return, it will receive the wMOS cryptocurrency. The amount of the rate received will be indexed to the market price of the given asset and the length of the loan period. You will be able to borrow various assets: tokens from current and completed issues on the Mosaico platform as well as BTC and ETH cryptocurrencies.

The future of the Mosaico platform

x Growth potential

The portfolio of tokenized projects on the Mosaico platform is constantly expanding, and new issuers appear with each subsequent month. Based on the observed trends, we expect that in 2022 we will carry out tokenization of 3 or even 4 more businesses every month. This means a large increase in tokens in the MOS token pool, and thus MOS tokens will be able to expect even higher returns on their investment in the project.

x Development plans

In the future, we also plan to establish cooperation with other platforms operating in business models similar to Mosaico. Such partnership will allow the creation of a common ecosystem within which it will be possible to exchange tokens between Mosaico and other platforms. Thanks to this, it will be possible to claim not only tokens belonging to tokenized projects only through Mosaico and the Kanga Exchange but also others cooperating with us. And again, thanks to this, even more tokens will be added to the pool regularly, generating passive income, which will then be distributed among MOS tokens.




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